Message from CEO-Founder

Shaji P M

Pure hard work and nothing else

Three decades have passed in my journey as a business person with varied interests. Adopting practical values to approach challenges with belief to offer solution has been my strength, instilled in me early in my career; virtues of pure hard work and nothing else.

Holistic approach and sharing

In 1982 my long marathon started as a Junior Engineer with Voltas (Tata Group). Within a short time, I raised to Installation Contractor. Over years I learnt that every event or calamity is an opportunity to get better. A labour strike during end of1982, helped me launch my first business banner “Alpine Services”, a 50-50 sharing deal with the workers. Alpine Services absorbed the entire staff to form a cooperative society business on the basis of equality duly endorsed by Voltas Management. 1985, we commenced Alpine Services in Chennai as required by Voltas. In 1987, I changed the company name and launched Cold Point to create my own brand in the business. Respecting the participative and sharing culture deeply embedded in me, I sold Alpine Services, Mumbai to my partner.

People, Product, Perfection

Having established my brand position in the Air-conditioning industry in India, over 35 years of executing more than 1000 projects with 3500 plus customer back home is our motivation, power and vision. Partnering with Qatar’s leaders in business brings Cold Point’s best to customers. Cold Point’s range of services and products across MEP, HVAC, VRV, CHILLER SYSTEMS, FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT & MAINTENANCE make us a 360-degree solution provider. Customers fuel our purpose to sustain and surpass expectations.

Believe in invest & grow

I firmly believe in investing in my employees and retaining my clients by proactively mitigating any risks. I am very critical on myself and being a stickler for perfection which at times is a weakness in disguise. Competition and targets make to work intensely. Unplug, relax and come back fresh to take yourself further in all your initiatives.

Competence, demeanour and work place etiquette

It takes ethics, openness and mutual respect to build brand equity. Cold Point focuses on developing team’s demonstrable skills across touch points, nurture positive personality, at work and customer place and create well-rounded employee; dress code to diligence. My team has earned an unbroken and enviable record of awards & accolades year after year. My journey has been and will continue excite and empower me. I strongly believe that everything starts by taking small but purpose driven steps. Even more important is that every part of your business progression must add value to the path you create to move forward. Picking a thought from Elliot, whether it is business or personal life, it is never one big race, but many short races that is run well towards a marathon success.